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This page present some statistical graphics on X3D.


X3D(eXtensible 3D, VRML-Next Generation)はVRMLの後継で、Webで3Dのモデリングをする言語で す。XML形式のX3Dコーディングと従来のVRMLコーディング(拡張子wrl)が あります。


Shared virtual worlds written in X3D format is achieved by the X3D plug-in or the X3D browser. Internet Explore 6.0 is equipped with a X3D plug-in, the MediaMachines Flux X3D/VRML97 plug-in.
For vrml encoding(*.wrl), Venues X3D Viewer is available.
FreeWRL is a plug-in for Mac OS and Linux OS.


x3d wrl(vrml)
  • 3D scatter plot (Hardness data: standardized)
  • 3D scatter plot (Fisher's iris data)
  • 3D scatter plot (Hardness data: standardized)
  • 3D scatter plot (Fisher's iris data)
  • Statistical map 1(Navigation mode can be changed, right click)
  • Statistical map 2(Navigation mode can be changed, right click)
  • stereogram for association rule
  • X3D 3D Statistical Graphics Generator

    x3d wrl(vrml)
    X3D viewer should be pre-installed for your browser.
    For Windows, IE6.0 already has X3D plug-in, MediaMachines.
    For Windows , Venues X3D Viewer should be installed (only for wrl, not x3d).

    Templates of X3D Statistical Graphics -very simple examples-

    x3d wrl(vrml)
  • 3D scatter plot No.1 ( source )
  • 3D scatter plot No.2 ( source )
  • 3D scatter plot No.1 (source)
  • 3D scatter plot No.2 (source)
  • Simple 3D bar chart (source)
  • 3D line plot (1 vatiable) (source)
  • 3D line plot (2 variables) (source)
  • colored statistical map (source)
  • colored statistical map (grayscale) (source)
  • Map (source)
  • Bar chart on the map (WRL: source)

  • Links
  • Web3D Consortium
  • About Web3D
  • Media Machines
  • About 3D Graphics/VR
    VRML viewers and Plug-ins
  • MediaMachines (Windows Xp, Internet Explore 6.0)
  • Venues X3D Viewer
  • FreeWRL
  • Xj3D

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