X3D Statistical Graphics

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This page present some statistical graphics on X3D.

What's X3D

X3D(eXtensible 3D, VRML-Next Generation) is a virtual reality modeling language and an open standard for 3D on the web. X3D replaces VRML(Virtual Reality Modeling Language) but also provides compatibility with existing VRML content and browsers. The X3D Graphics Working Group is designing and implementing X3D specifications. X3D Encoding has both an XML encoding and a classic VRML encoding. A third binary encoding is expected at a later date.

How to realize VR world written in X3D

Shared virtual worlds written in X3D format is achieved by the X3D plug-in or the X3D browser. Internet Explore 6.0 is equipped with a X3D plug-in, the MediaMachines Flux X3D/VRML97 plug-in.
For vrml encoding(*.wrl), Venues X3D Viewer is available.
FreeWRL is a plug-in for Mac OS and Linux OS.


x3d wrl(vrml)
  • 3D scatter plot (Hardness data: standardized)
  • 3D scatter plot (Fisher's iris data)
  • 3D scatter plot (Hardness data: standardized)
  • 3D scatter plot (Fisher's iris data)
  • Statistical map 1(Navigation mode can be changed, right click)
  • Statistical map 2(Navigation mode can be changed, right click)
  • stereogram for association rule
  • X3D 3D Statistical Graphics Generator

    x3d wrl(vrml)
    X3D viewer should be pre-installed for your browser.
    For Windows, IE6.0 already has X3D plug-in, MediaMachines.
    For Windows , Venues X3D Viewer should be installed (only for wrl, not x3d).

    Templates of X3D Statistical Graphics -very simple examples-

    x3d wrl(vrml)
  • 3D scatter plot No.1 ( source )
  • 3D scatter plot No.2 ( source )
  • 3D scatter plot No.1 (source)
  • 3D scatter plot No.2 (source)
  • Simple 3D bar chart (source)
  • 3D line plot (1 vatiable) (source)
  • 3D line plot (2 variables) (source)
  • colored statistical map (source)
  • colored statistical map (grayscale) (source)
  • Map (source)
  • Bar chart on the map (WRL: source)

  • Links
  • Web3D Consortium
  • About Web3D
  • Media Machines
  • About 3D Graphics/VR
    VRML viewers and Plug-ins
  • MediaMachines (Windows Xp, Internet Explore 6.0)
  • Venues X3D Viewer
  • FreeWRL
  • Xj3D

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